I was fortunate to have a Pianist and Piano Teacher for a Mother, so I developed my love for music and the piano at an early age. I could often be found hanging around the piano while my Mother was teaching (and trying to give her students some peace!)  My love for music grew and I pursued a Music Education Degree at Hardin-Simmons University, where I had the opportunity to study under Dr. Mark Puckett.

Besides teaching my Private Piano Students, I have enjoyed participating in several music organizations, including Abilene's Harmony Club. I have offered Private Piano Lessons since 1998 and have enjoyed teaching a wide range of ages - from three years old to adult. 

While I do offer opportunities to perform in Recitals, Christmas Programs and Master Classes, I choose to emphasize Music Theory and good Technique to develop a well-rounded Pianist. I believe it is just as important to understand how and why your fingers play and how the notes on the page relate to the keys on the keyboard as it is to memorize and perform a piece for an audience.

I have put these techniques into practice with my own children, aged 16 and 17, and they are showing a love of music that I am thrilled to nurture.


All ages of students are welcome in my studio, from pre-readers to adults that have never played, or those who haven't taken since they were kids.