The cost of lessons is $17.00 per week for 30-minute lessons (plus a $25 per semester fee for books.) Payment is due at the beginning of the lesson each week, or payment for the month can be made at the beginning of the first lesson of the month. It is very important to be on time for your lesson (a few minutes early is even better!) as the schedule is very full. If you cannot attend a lesson, please let me know as soon as possible.  Make-up lessons will be offered as time allows. If I will be gone, I will give you at least one week’s notice and the opportunity to schedule a make-up lesson.


     I expect all students, no matter their age, to practice every day. I know it can be hard to find the time, but even 15 minutes a day of good practice time makes a huge difference in your progress. Parents, please understand that younger children will need help staying on task during their practice time. For this reason, all students will be expected to keep a practice journal where they will record their practice times and what they accomplished. Also, I will write down exactly what the student will need to work on after every lesson. This will serve as a guide for practice time.

      Every student will be encouraged to perform in a Christmas Program during the Winter and a recital in the Spring. This is a fabulous opportunity to show your friends and family how hard you have worked! Also, all students will be expected to attend at least one Master Class in the Fall and at least one Master Class in the Spring. Master Classes are a great way for students to play in front of their peers and receive instruction as a group. Please see the 'Studio News' area of the website for dates and let me know of any conflicts as soon as possible.